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Electricomics - Old Style Engraving Logo by SouthParkTaoist Electricomics - Old Style Engraving Logo by SouthParkTaoist

Update: Thanks to the Electricomics team for reblogging this on Facebook and Tumblr. It made me happy to see that. 

"We already have fan art and its gorgeous! The whole team were admiring it at the meeting yesterday."


After hearing of Alan Moore's new experimental open source electronic-spinal digital comics this idea came to mind. So far nothing is known about this thing aside from electronic spinals and stuff... though it sounds a bit like stuff experimented by Scott McCloud, Jun Maeda, Romeo Tanaka, and Ryukishi07. But still everything I hear of someone who created the "newest" innovation in digital comics (and one always pops up every year) I get interested. Especially this time around as Electricomic's team includes not just Alan Moore, but fantastic innovators like Mitch Jenkins, Peter Coogan, Leah Moore, Todd Klien, Garth Ennis, and more. I've been working with visual novels and experimental mediums for the tablet and digital platform for years now so am very interested to see what comes from this Electricomics thing.


As you folks know lately I have been into currency and stock bond style engravings and woodcut prints, so worked on this piece last night inspired by the news Electriomics and the idea of innovation for new transformative media. This one is largely based on the US Education Note series, specifically the $5 bill which had an allegorical representation of Electricity lighting the way. Here the Goddess personifies new art. I included elements of Todd Klein's logo design for Electricomics (…) which uses an Edisonian style light bulb. I included the Greek god Hermes representing speed and medium transformation holding a chalice and sword while the Goddess holds a coin and wand, the building blocks for tarot representing the building blocks for this new experimental thing I still know nothing about.


Though no much information about Electricomics has come out yet it has been talked about in different news outlets. You can check out their website for more information.

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