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Ask Alex - April Foals Day! by AleximusPrime

The best piece of art here, mostly because my Chocolate Pony makes an appearance. This is the Hamlet-Moby Dick-Ulysses-Great Gatsby-Sno...


Work in Progress Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Art by SouthParkTaoist
Work in Progress Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Art
Work in progress print I will have at BABSCon. I am used to traditional oil painting so I thought I would attempt a painting style on SAI. Been carefully studying the art of my friend Aphexangel. It's been a while since I attempted drawing realistic looking ponies... so they probably look a bit creepy. 
Multiversity Earth-24 by SouthParkTaoist
Multiversity Earth-24

I don’t follow any superhero comic series, but I have been avidly following Grant Morrison’s fantastic Multiversity which is based off his shamanic ideas for storytelling and superheroes. One thing a lot of people noticed with the release of the Multiversity Guidebook last month was the notable absence of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns world which was previously Earth-31.


However there are 7 unknown Earths and the Multiverse Map is laid out so all the worlds are in balanced with opposite worlds being directly appear from each other, these include Earth-0 (Mainstream DC) and Earth-33 (our world), Earth-5 (light hearted Captain Marvel, Fawcett Comics) and Earth-10 (grim Nazi Overman, Quality Comics), Earth-51 (Jack Kirby’s DC work) and Earth-6 (Stan Lee’s DC work), etc.


Since Mark Millar’s Superman Red Son is now Earth-30 it makes sense that the conservative Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns world would occupy the unknown Earth-24 directly opposite. Both Supermen are tools of their governments, Soviet Superman vs. American Superman. Leftwing vs. Rightwing. Millar vs. Miller.  


Earth-24 I envision seeing as including all of Frank Miller’s work at DC including Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again, All Star Batman and Robin, as well as his Sin City Holy Terror. In this world Superman and Wonder Woman are tool of the American government, Dick Grayson becomes the new Joker, Elongated Man markets Gingold Plus as a male enhancement drug, corporations like Wayne Enterprises and Lex Corps rule in this capitalist world like small nations, and the Fixer singlehandedly fights Al Qaeda.


This is my first time attempting Frank Miller’s style. I look forward to seeing the next issue next month, Multiversity Ultra Comics, which Grant Morrison says is a haunted comic and is the most complex thing he has ever written. 

My friend is currently listing one on eBay in hopes to pay for her bills. If you know anyone who wants one let them know about it.…


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Artist and historian of narrative art and evolution of culture. Medical student and military academy graduate. Assistant researcher at the Cancer Research Center. I like art and history.
My friend is currently listing one on eBay in hopes to pay for her bills. If you know anyone who wants one let them know about it.…

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